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Consulting Committee

The UF AIS Consulting Committee provides MS-ISOM students with real-world consulting experience, professional development opportunities, and a supportive environment to learn and grow your consulting skills.

Spring 2023 Projects

Keystone Heights Community Redevelopment
PM: Jacob Warchola; Analysts: Cari Bean, Gregory Gerve, Yue (Chester) LiuMadeline Wise


The Keystone Heights Community Redevelopment project aims to understand historic trends in the economy of the City of Keystone Heights and surrounding lake region.


The project involves collecting data about tourism, hospitality, and industry starting from the 1980s to the present. 


The team will use ArcGIS to create a map visualization that displays the assets and areas for growth for the City of Keystone Heights. Through using the map and analysis of the data, the team will make recommendations to revitalize the city and region. 

Neptune Beach Community Redevelopment
PM: George White; Analysts: Jeet Patel, Diego ViteriChris Zhao, Adriano Zunino

The City of Neptune Beach faces infrastructure, life safety, flooding, and stormwater management insufficiencies, as well as economic underutilization of commercial buildings. Each of these issues are key conditions for the approval of a Community Redevelopment Area (CRA).


Utilizing the data Neptune Beach has provided on infrastructure, parking, and using other sources, the team will build an ArcGIS map and storyboard to visualize and demonstrate necessity for a CRA, based on the issues mentioned above.


Historic Eastside Analysis
PM: Rusini Perera; Analysts: Michael Guo, Xiaomei Hai, Urmi Jethani, Ruchir Lakhani


The team is working with LIFT Jacksonville and the Eastside community. The community has roots back to the end of the civil war when freemen built the first homes of the neighborhood. They have grown to be one of Jacksonville’s most prominent historically black neighborhoods. However, with the rise of Jaguar’s football stadium, there has been increasing investment interest in the community and the threat of gentrification looms overhead. LIFT has the mission to preserve the cultural importance of the area and find a way for generations of local Eastsiders to benefit from the future investments in their town. This is where UF AIS comes in. The team is tasked with finding ways to measure the impact of LIFT Jacksonville’s projects on

the Eastside community so that LIFT can understand how their investments impact the community and help residents understand the importance and value of their homes.

The Philanthropies: Supporting Community Development through Data-Driven Investing
PM: Shawna Dean; Analysts: Zoe Corcoran, Satya Sai Koppalu, Max McQuiddy, Srinikha Renikunta

The team is dedicated to helping The Community Foundation of Northeast Florida, The Jessie Ball duPont Fund, and The Local Initiatives Support Corp of Jacksonville transform neighborhoods into communities of choice and opportunity. Through keen data visualization and candid relationship-building, the team reveals neighborhoods and causes in critical need of investment.


These philanthropic organizations have collectively devoted more than $1.5 billion dollars to uplifting the Jacksonville community through grants and traditional investments. The mission is to create a single source of truth that fosters strategic partnerships and maximizes the prosperity generated by these charitable donations. 

Northeast Florida Hunger Network
PM: Thomas Gilfix; Analysts: Rounak Amre, Yang Dai, Romie Jean, Rashid Shammas


The Hunger Network Team will develop a beta version of a web app that allows users to request food, view upcoming donation events, and access a directory of local pantries. The app will use Python and the Django web framework for the backend system and responsive design using CSS and HTML to ensure access on any device.


Additionally, The Hunger Network can post donation events and fulfill food requests. The app will also include various features for a progressive web app and administrative functionality for managing donation events and food requests.

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Angela Chan & Allen Boulenger

Vice Presidents of Consulting

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