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Consulting Committee

The UF AIS Consulting Committee provides MS-ISOM students with real-world consulting experience, professional development opportunities, and a supportive environment to learn and grow your consulting skills.

Fall 2023 Projects

Climate Change & Social Vulnerability in Duval County
PM: Shay Porter; Analysts: Gabriel Herrera, Haerin (Rina) Kim, Max McQuiddy, Jeet Patel, Madeline Wise


This team worked in collaboration with Manzana, a venture dedicated to accelerating the adoption of smart technologies across the United States. Their project involved researching and analyzing the implications of climate change on socially vulnerable populations in Duval County. 


They utilized Excel and ArcGIS to create a develop an index and create map visualizations displaying the census tracts most at risk to heat islands, sea-level rise, and more. Upon analyzing their data, the team made recommendations to mitigate these threats. 

Neptune Beach Critical Asset Analysis
PM: Diego Viteri; Analysts: Nicholas Velasco, Nicholas Ros, Adriano Zunino, Giancarlo Fuentes

The City of Neptune Beach Project digitized critical asset data of the community into ArcGIS visualizations analyzing stormwater flood risk and sea level rise exposure. Through interactive layers outlining stormwater system vulnerabilities and identifying high-priority areas needing intervention.


The team compiled geographic databases analyzing exposure from elevated sea levels. An optimal investment analysis was conducted through Python that processes stormwater scoring and cost parameters to determine the most impactful and cost-effective locations for infrastructure improvements.


City of Palm Coast Community Redevelopment
PM: Minuet Greenberg; Analysts: Chris Zhao, Yang Dai, Joseph Bonevento, Matthew Lynch, Romie-Laure Jean


This group of students collaborated with the City of Palm Coast to develop an ArcGIS StoryMap, illustrating the consequences of population growth and other changes on heat islands and traffic patterns. Through their analysis, the team discovered that the ongoing changes in Palm Coast are poised to maintain and improve residents' quality of life.


The StoryMap provides a visual narrative, offering insights into the city's development and showcasing how these initiatives contribute to the well-being of the community, particularly in terms of mitigating climate change-related challenges and addressing traffic safety concerns.

Trends in Investor-Sold Properties
PM: Shawna Dean; Analysts: Xiaomei Hai, Adrian Mendoza, Cao (Evan) Zedong, Satya Sai Koppalu, Shiza Jamil

The Trends in Investor-Sold Properties team is dedicated to helping The Community Foundation of Northeast Florida, The Jessie Ball duPont Fund, and The Local Initiatives Support Corp of Jacksonville transform neighborhoods into communities of choice and opportunity. Through keen data visualization and candid relationship-building, this team revealed neighborhoods and causes in critical need of investment.


These philanthropic organizations have collectively devoted more than $1.5 billion dollars to uplifting the Jacksonville community through grants and traditional investments. The mission is to create a single source of truth that fosters strategic partnerships and maximizes the prosperity generated by these charitable donations. 


LISC Impact Analysis on Low-Income Housing
PM: Rashid Shammas; Analysts: Krupa Patel, Nancy Yang, Jed Arcenal, Manas Raghupatruni, Rohan Dayma


Through adept use of data mining and web scraping, this AIS Consulting Committee team provided insight on housing data in Duval County's lower-come areas. They utilized Python (pandas, NumPy, matplotlib) and other tools like Tableau to streamline data processing and visualize analyses.

The team played a crucial role in advancing LISC Jacksonville's mission to forge resilient and inclusive communities of opportunity. Their work laid the groundwork for future initiatives, ensuring the optimal use of capital for maximum impact and the benefit of over 300,000 families in Northeast Florida.

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Victor Frcek & Adrian Mendoza

Vice Presidents of Consulting

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