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Committee Applications

DUE SEPTEMBER 1st at 11:59PM

Thank you for your interest in leadership roles here at AIS! We are excited to review your application and learn more about you!

How to apply:

  1. Look through the roles listed on this page and see what open positions you are interested in!

  2. Download the Committee Application File below these instructions and add your responses. Please complete one per position you would like to be considered for.

  3. Complete the application form and attach your application files, resume, and headshot.

If you are applying to more than one position, you will submit one form with multiple application files. Please note that as of Fall 2023, members are permitted to hold a committee chair position in addition to serving as an analyst on the Consulting Committee.

Committee Application File

complete one per position

If you would like to learn more about the open positions, please feel free to contact our VPs!

Open Positions


Analyst (6-11 Open Positions)

Analysts will work within a team of 3-4 under a project manager to successfully execute a  technology/strategy public sector project in partnership with Smart North Florida. As a consulting committee member, you'll have the opportunity to work closely with like-minded, motivated MS-ISOM students interested in gaining real-world consulting experience. Projects include working with Smart North Florida in the NE Florida community, including Neptune Beach, the UNF Hunger Network, and the Eastside community.


Required responsibilities include attending weekly committee meetings on Tuesday evenings and AIS GBMs. May include work such as data analysis and visualization, strategic planning, coding, mapping software, researching, client meetings, etc.

Project Manager (3 Open Positions)

Project managers lead a team of 4 analysts in providing real-world consulting projects for their clients. Their responsibilities include leading Agile team meetings, managing client communication, and ensuring that a project is delivered in a timely manner.

Corporate Relations

Corporate Sponsorship Chair (1 Open Position)

As sponsorship chair, you will be the primary point of contact between AIS and our industry-leading sponsors. In addition to maintaining relationships with our existing sponsors, you will have the exclusive opportunity to develop and implement AIS’s sponsor acquisition and retention strategy. Sponsorship chair is the perfect position for those who gravitate towards relationship building and project management, and are looking to maximize their graduate experience. Coding/scripting experience is a plus as well!


Director of Branding (1 Open Position)

The Director of Branding will design and develop strategic branding guidelines to streamline content creation & enhance promotional efforts. Responsibilities also include assisting in the generation of promotional material for events and content on our social media platforms. 


Financial Database Developer (1 Open Position)

This position will assist in the continual development and operational maintenance of our financial management database (FMD) and dashboard in collaboration with the Treasury Committee and other AIS leadership. You will create actionable insights from our FMD to drive financial planning & analysis for the entire organization.

* R experience required

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